Divorce is a Life Changing Event

A divorce attorney in Buffalo, NY can guide you through

Divorce is a messy, costly, painful process. Even an uncontested divorce is a complicated legal matter which will require tax planning, financial planning, and careful, thoughtful analysis of your situation by a knowledgable and accessible attorney. A divorce attorney can help you keep the situation manageable. The Law Office of David W. Wilson offers a variety of family law services, including child custody, contested divorce litigation, and divorce mediation services.

Do not risk your future by failing to work with an experienced, knowledgeable divorce attorney. David W. Wilson has been a practicing divorce attorney for over 30 years and is accessible to help you through these difficult times.

Divorce mediation can help you avoid the stress and expense of going to court with your spouse. Before you do anything else, schedule a divorce consultation appointment in Buffalo, New York today by calling 716-852-6323.

Put a real estate law attorney on your investment team

Before you invest in a piece of property, consult with a real estate law attorney. The Law Office of David W. Wilson can:

Spot title problems, such as property liens

Offer advice based on 30 years of experience

Prepare and review real estate law documents

Make sure your real estate transition goes smoothly. Dial 716-852-6323 to work with a closing attorney in the Buffalo, NY area.

Your family is changing. We'll help you adapt.

Divorce and loss of child visitation rights can make it feel like your world is crashing down around you. Depend on the Law Office of David W. Wilson of Buffalo, NY for stability. Your family law attorney will sit down with you and discuss your goals for your future. Then you'll work together to come up with a legal strategy to achieve them.

Head into negotiations with a bold family law attorney who's not afraid to fight for you.

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