Protect Your Family With a Trust

Protect Your Family With a Trust

Set up a trust with estate attorney in Buffalo, NY

Make sure your family is well cared for by planning your estate. An estate attorney from the Law Office of David W. Wilson can help you make your estate plan, draft your will, and set up estate trusts. A trust allows your property to go to your loved ones without going through the probate process. This allows for faster, confidential transfers of your assets to your loved ones.

We can complete your Trust and your Estate Planning needs even now during the Coronavirus lockdown. Do not wait to talk to a qualified estate planning attorney. Start planning for your family’s future today. Call 716-852-6323 to speak with an estate attorney in Buffalo, New York.

Don't struggle with probate law alone

Settling your loved one's estate is complicated and time-consuming. David W. Wilson, Esq. can help you assess tax implications as well as other Estate Planning issues.Trying to understand the ins and outs of probate law is enough to make you want to throw your hands up in frustration.

Attorney Wilson will help you:

  • Manage and distribute life insurance funds, real estate, and other estate assets
  • Sort through your loved one's finances, locate assets, and debts
  • File legal documents for probate court
  • Protect you from making costly mistakes in the probate process
  • Through the compllicated probate process and deal with Surrogate's Court for you

Work with an experienced probate law attorney in the Buffalo, NY today.