Stop Arguing. Start Moving Forward.

Stop Arguing. Start Moving Forward.

Turn to divorce mediation services in Buffalo, NY

Divorce is a messy, costly process. Even an uncontested divorce is a complicated legal matter. Mediation allows the Parties, not the Courts, to control their lives. The Law Office of David W. Wilson offers divorce mediation services to help things move more quickly and smoothly than divorce litigation. For spouses who can work together and who want to save money and time, divorce mediation is an alternative to divorce litigation.

Attorney Wilson is an experienced divorce mediator who can help you and your spouse decide on the issues most important to each of you as you build separate futures. Schedule a divorce mediation appointment in Buffalo, New York today by calling 716-852-6323.

Create a child custody arrangement that works for your family

One of the most turbulent issues in your divorce is probably the issue of child custody. You and your spouse want what's best for your child, but agreeing on what's best isn't easy.

Work with David W. Wilson a respected child custody attorney in the Buffalo, NY area to:

  • Mediate custody agreements
  • Represent you in court with custody, visitation, and child support issues
  • Learn how to protect your parental rights

Is your family growing? Attorney Wilson also handles adoption law issues.